Removing Burrs from Dog Fur

January 13, 2010 | Dog Grooming , Dog Ownership | By Dogpal | 0 Comments

Last week-end, Angel went with us for a wonderful hike in the warm Arizona desert. Unfortunately, while she loved the hike, she came home with her tiny feet full of small stickers and burrs. If you have ever tried to remove stickers or burrs from a tiny dog’s feet, you know they scream and yell like you are in the process of killing them. Angel was certainly no exception so —  rather than torture her any further,  I went looking for some ideas on how to get the burrs out without all of the screaming and nipping behavior.

So, here are some great solutions that I want to share for this big problem. A good way to remove stickers or burrs is to put a little cooking oil on your fingers and rub it into the dog’s fur around the area. Some people even suggested spraying an aerosol cooking oil like Pam on the dog’s coat. I tried both of these and both worked well. The aerosol spray was easy to use because it got into the foot area quite easily. Once the area was oiled up, the burrs easily pulled right out without much fuss. I also found a suggestion that corn starch can help untangle coat mats so I will try this the next time I find a mat in Angel’s fur. If anyone has any other good suggestions for getting burrs or stickers out of a dog’s fur, please be sure to share them here.

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