Taking Car Trips with Your Dog

June 4, 2011 | Caring for Your Dog , Dog Fun , Traveling with Dogs | By Dogpal | 2 Comments

Dog in Car SeatDogs naturally love to look outside when you travel with them by car.  This can be a big challenge for smaller dogs such as Yorkies and other similar small canines who ware too small to see out most car windows.  As a result, they often end up climbing all over the driver in an attempt to see outside.  This can be dangerous not only for the driver but for the dog too who can often be thrown onto the floor if the car has to brake suddenly.

The solution?  Get your favorite tiny dog a dog booster seat.  There are great booster seats which fasten around the headrests of your passenger seat and hold your tiny companion firmly in place.  The seat puts your dog high enough that s/he can see out yet not be in the way of your driving or climbing all over you.  The booster seat also has a leash strap that can help keep your pooch snugly in a safe position while still being able to see outside the car windows. It is a great solution for allowing your small dog to see where s/he is headed yet be safe during the ride.

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2 comments on “Taking Car Trips with Your Dog”

  1. George

    Why should you use a dog car seat? Many reasons. First off, dog seats allow your pet to ride comfortably and safely in the car. Secondly, you as a driver can drive safe without your pet moving around the car. Whenever you’re going on trips, be it short trips or the long ones, you can take your pet along with you.

  2. vinu

    Car trips with your dog can be painful if they are not trained to sit in the back seat, I have the car pet sitter to protect my seats from their paws.


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