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Reggie Learns About the Holidays

January 15, 2011 | Dog Fun | By Dogpal | 0 Comments

The holidays were a busy time for the canines in our family. Both Angel and Reggie enjoyed the bright lights and many visitors. Reggie even got into the act by dressing up in his Santa suit and Angel had plenty of red bows and a jingle bell collar.


Angel, the Yorkie, Goes to the Beach

May 29, 2010 | Dog Fun | By Dogpal | 3 Comments

A really fun vacation for a Yorkie is going to the beach! Although they are tiny, they can still enjoy the soft sand between their toes and the smell of the beach smells. Angel spent a wonderful week at Pismo Beach which is a huge “dog-friendly beach in California near San Luis Obispo.  She enjoyed […]

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