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Small Dog Barking While Walking

September 16, 2012 | Behavior Problems | By Dogpal | One Comment

Getting exercise on a daily basis is as important for dogs as it is for humans.  Reggie and Angel  love to take their daily walks so they can get their “dog ya-ya’s” out as well as become familiar with who has traveled the  path in their absence!  Dogs love to go out for walks but […]


How to Stop Dog Barking

April 22, 2010 | Behavior Problems | By Dogpal | 0 Comments

Dogs bark for many reasons. Obviously, barking can be a sign of defense when the dog feels threatened or scared but that kind of barking is understandable and forgiven. Barking at other times is generally when owners wish they wouldn’t and look for solutions to stop annoying barking behaviors. Dogs may bark when they are […]


Stop that Barking!

October 16, 2009 | Behavior Problems | By Dogpal | One Comment

Got a small dog that loves to bark at anything and everything?  Here are a few tips to help curb unwanted barking behaviors. First, to work on reducing barking behaviors, you must have a few days of uninterrupted time at home to spend with your animal and someone to help.  Consistency and persistence will be […]